Installation & Care

Choosing the Ideal Spot for Your YogiGym®

Installing your YogiGym® indoors is relatively easy. There are many convenient places where you can hang. Here are a few we recommend…

  • Exposed Beams
  • Wooden Door Frames
  • Concealed Ceiling Joists
  • Concrete Ceilings
  • Or Anchored to a Sturdy Door



If you happen to have exposed wooden beams that is the most ideal because you can just slip-knot the hanging ropes over the beam. Place a cloth over the beam where the rope drops over and down to the floor to avoid the rope from becoming worn due to friction.

The wooden beam must be sturdy. Test the strength of the beam if necessary by putting 2 people in the swing and testing.

For a more permanent installation, you may drill your eyebolt screws directly into the wood beam. Spacing between the eyebolts should be approximately hip width distance apart ( hip bone to hip bone ). If you have tight hips you can narrow the distance and conversely if you are very flexible or wish to increase hip flexibility you can make the distance slightly wider.

Once eyebolt screws have been installed, NEVER remove them as this will only weaken the thread. Slip-knot the rope through the circle of the eye and attach your YogiGym® between the knots on the rope at your desired height.

If your support beams are concealed by drywall, you will also need: a Stud Sensor to locate them.

For a concrete ceiling you will need to insert the eyebolt screws using a masonry drill and special screw anchors for cement.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to hang if the options above are not available to you is to anchor the system to a closed door. Stand on the side of the door that opens away from you, drape the ropes over the top of the door ensuring that there are knots on the other side. Then close the door firmly and if possible lock it. Ensure that the ropes are anchored securely and give them a quick test pull. Once you’re confident that they are secured, attach your YogiGym® system.



The above installation instructions are merely suggestions.

To ensure your safety it is recommended that you consult with an installation expert or contractor before installing.


Cleaning Your YogiGym®

The YogiGym® is machine washable. For best results remove the foam cushion insert before washing at the cold water setting. Remove and air dry or machine dry at a low-heat setting.


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